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Multicultural Event: Brush Up for Paint Night!

An interactive workshop: Learn about the culture and techniques of Asian Brush Painting, and paint a few flowers and a small animal to show off at your desk when you return to the office! This is a private event, pre-registration required.

When: August 30th, starting at 7:00 pm EST. Where: Virtual.

Here is what you do to Prepare your tools and Setup your table space for brush painting:

1) Use table covering to avoid the mess of ink stains, protect the surface where you will be doing the painting. You can use a plastic cover, or old newspaper.
2) Have a few jars of clear cold water for wetting and washing your brushes. Never use hot or warm water. Clean the brushes carefully after the art session, do not touch the hair with your fingers, wipe them lightly on a paper towel then air dry.
3) Small mixing plate or wax-coated paper dish for mixing ink and colors.
4) Have some paper towels on the side for testing the paint. Brush rest (optional), so the loaded brush will not stain the painting surface.

How to set up your new brushes and after care:

5) To prepare your new brushes, here is what you do to before you begin painting:
– Soak the paint brush in a cup filled with cold water for 10 – 20 minutes, until the hair of the brush is opened up (for the glue that holds the hair together to melt away), rinse in cold water and let dry.

As a rule of thumb, never leave brushes alone soaking in water EXCEPT for the first time. Then lift the brush out of the water and gently wipe them on a clean paper towel. You can put them to dry on a flat surface, or if you have a brush hanger/holder then the brushes can be left top-down or upright. DO NOT touch the brush hair with your fingers.
– Do not try to put the brushes back in their plastic caps once the glue has melted. 
– When cleaning your brushes, always use cold water. Brushes are made with animal hair that can shrink if put in warm or hot water.  

Need more information? Contact: paulinpodesign@gmail.com


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