Classes 2023 ~ we offer zoom classes online!

Welcome to Painting with Pauline: we offer in-person workshops and online classes that celebrate the Art of the Brush and Asian culture.

We started online classes in 2020. Now we have a number of new classes for the Spring 2022, including a Chinese calligraphy class for non-Chinese-speaking students, stay tuned for further updates and course announcements.

Chinese Painting for Beginners / Intermediate Level:

Small group classes on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings, ongoing.

For one-on-one classes and in-depth learning, contact us.

Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners / Intermediate Level:

A new format will be introduced to fit anyone who wants to learn to write beautiful Chinese and experience the elegant scholars’ culture of China. More to come…

For more art classes and events announcements, visit our Facebook page.


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