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About Pauline

Artist . Scholar . Cultural Speaker

Pauline has aspired to become an artist since the age of 3. At age 12 Pauline studied Chinese brush painting under Master Cheung Shiu Shek – a lead artist of the Lingnan School and specialist in painting Peonies. She learned to paint Flower & Birds, Landscapes, and Figures.

In 2003 Pauline joined the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco as a volunteer and docent, there she rekindled her interest in Asian art and painting. From 2008 Pauline started accepting invitations to host workshops and art demonstrations of Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy. In San Francisco, South Peninsular, East Bay, and occasionally in Southern California, the venues of presentation included art museums, public libraries (e.g. libraries in San Francisco, San Mateo County, East Bay, and Lamorinda area), art and cultural centers, senior centers, community learning centers, and private corporations (e.g.Bowers Museum of Art, Oakland Museum of California, Botanical Garden Society, Bay Area Discovery Museum, etc.). At every workshop the participants are happy and ask to learn more.

Pauline’s artistic inclinations appeal to a broad audience of multiple nationality, ethnicity, age and gender. It soon becomes clear that Pauline’s workshop is unique and stands apart from other traditional lessons in 3 distinct ways:

  1. It is a cultural experience that emphasizes art appreciation.
  2. The movement of the brush connects with qi and emanates positive energy.
  3. A simple process that can be learned at any age without prior skills; a mindful practice for relaxation, and  it’s all about enjoying the process.

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