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Chinese Jade: Stone of Heaven —

A community speaker’s lecture at your local libraries 一in September/October

Asian Art Museum docent Pauline Tsui will present the Story of Jade: with a brief introduction about the formation and classification of jade, to be followed by an appreciation of jade pieces (with examples crafted over thousands of years up till early 20th century China). She will focus on the symbolic and auspicious meanings of jade pieces, and finish with tips on identifying fakes and how to care for jade.

Pumpkin, prunus branch, with small dragonfly

Nature in Jade, jadeite piece from the Asian Art Museum

In China jade is believed to have life-prolonging qualities, many consider jade to be more precious than gold. Emperors admire jade; scholars praise jade; women use jade ornaments to adorn their beauty. Today around the world, beautiful jade jewelry and collectibles are still admired by many. In September, the talk will take place in Orinda, Contra Costa County Library; in October, the talk will be at the Sunset Branch of San Francisco Public Library. The content of the two talks will vary slightly, i.e. some of the example objects will feature a different time period.

Date/Place/Time:     (free to public)

September 28, Thursday Orinda Library 1:00 – 2:00p
October 26, Thursday San Francisco Library, Sunset Branch 6:30-7:30p

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