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Celebrate Lunar New Year: Year of the Ox

Slideshow & Painting Workshop ~ Art of the Brush

  • Celebrate the Year of the Ox, Pauline will give a slide presentation on ‘The Customs of Lunar New Year & Lucky Symbols‘.
  • Hear stories about red banners, lion dances, seasonal flowers and special foods; find out how the spring festival is celebrated in various parts of Asia and in the U.S.
  • After the talk, enjoy a hands-on Chinese painting workshop to paint flowers and zodiac animals, make an artwork to decorate your home.
  • This is a private event. To learn more, follow us or contact Pauline.
Thursday, February 18, at 6:30 pm (EST) 
RG/A ~ design businesses and brands for a more human future.
Thursday, February 25, at 7:30 pm (EST) 
Ropes & Gray / The Asian American Lawyers Association of Massachusetts
How to Prepare your tools and Setup your table space for brush painting:
  To prepare for a hands-on painting/calligraphy program, here is what you’ll need.  
1) Table covering, avoid the mess of ink stains, protect the surface where you will be doing the painting.
2A) Jar of clear cold water for washing your brushes. Never use hot or warm water. Clean the brushes carefully after the art session, do not touch the hair with your fingers, wipe them lightly on a paper towel then air dry.
2B) Small mixing plate or wax-coated paper dish for mixing ink and colors.
2C) Brush rest, so the loaded brush will not stain the painting surface, and some paper towels to test the ink mix.
Options to purchase <Art Kit> from Instructor or order from Chinese art stores or online through Amazon, etc. (details on enquiry)
How to prep your new brushes before the first lesson:
  3) After you have purchased new brushes, here is what you do to prep your new brushes for painting:
– Soak them in a cup filled with cold water. As a rule of thumb, never leave brushes alone soaking in water EXCEPT for the first time, this is to melt the glue that held the brush in shape. Depending on the maker, it will take from 10 to 20 minutes, or 30 minutes for the glue to melt. Then lift the brush out of the water and gently wipe them on a clean paper towel. You can put them to dry on a flat surface, or if you have a brush hanger/holder then the brushes can be left top-down or upright. 
– Do not try to put the brushes back in their plastic caps once the glue has melted. 
– When cleaning your brushes, always use cold water. Brushes are made with animal hair that can shrink if put in warm or hot water.   

Pauline Tsui is an artist, a children’s book writer, and a docent of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Before moving to the Bay Area, Pauline has traveled to and lived in cities like Paris, New York, Shanghai, Honolulu, Hong Kong, etc.
Pauline has presented numerous painting and calligraphy workshops, and given art talks at community centers, public libraries and art museums. Pauline’s East-meets-West approach, as well as her methodical teaching style, appeal to a broad audience of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


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