Art Kit

Art Supplies are available for the convenience of our students and workshop attendees in the following Options ~

A. Fundamentals — 1 white hair brush (to paint flowers), 1 large brown hair brush (to paint tree branches and rocks), 1 fine outline brush (for outline and fine details). Sheets of newsprint and white art paper. A simple set of watercolor tubes that include Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, and White.   $30 + mailing via Priority USPS

B.  Streamline — 2 white hair brushes (one for painting, one for calligraphy), 1 large brown hair brush, 1 fine outline brush. Newsprint, grid paper, and white art paper. $25 + mailing via Priority USPS

C. Bare Basics — 1 large brush (All Purpose), sheets of newsprint and white art paper suitable for both calligraphy and painting. Small quantities of bottled black Chinese ink is available for ordering, we also offer black watercolor as substitute for ink. This option will include 1 tube of black watercolor and 1 tube of other color.   $18 + mailing via Priority USPS

Brushes: Essential brushes should include 1 large brown hair brush, 1 or several white hair brushes, 1 small brush for outline and fine detailing. Natural animal hair preferred. Alternate: 1 round, soft hair brush. White or mixed hair for multiple purpose.  
Paper: For painting, there are many grades of paper. Chinese or Japanese plant based paper are good choices, generally they are absorbent, with a smooth side face and rough side for the back. Called xuan in Chinese and rice paper in Japanese, they come in precut sheets or in rolls. Newsprint paper is used for practice and warm up exercise.  
Ink and/or Color: Chinese liquid ink or Japanese sumi ink are acceptable for our classes. Do NOT use Indian ink. Chinese watercolors, mineral pigments, or any water base colors are all acceptable. Alternative option: Use black watercolor as substitute for ink.  
Grid Paper for Chinese Calligraphy:  The grid paper are printed with red guidelines for practicing calligraphy. Alternate: Without using grid paper, you can fold unlined paper to create lined spacing for writing.  

To place order for our <Art Kits> ~

Email your orders to Payments can be made via PayPal or by check, delivery packages will be sent via Priority USPS.

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