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Calligraphy with Pauline ~

for Beginners, both Chinese and Non-Chinese learners

Chinese writing has a history of over 5,000 years. Amazingly it is a written language that is still in use today. The Art of Calligraphy ~ the art of writing beautiful characters, is an art form that has been compared to a dance of the brush, the taichi of ink, etc. Those who appreciate Calligraphy understand that the handwritten characters can breathe life, and steer our minds on a path to vitality and longevity.

Hundred Blessings with Thousand Good Fortune 百福千祥

In this class we focus on hands-on writing exercises to (i) develop Qi (pronounced as chi), a quiet force and flow of positive energy, and (ii) to appreciate what is beautiful writing. Students will learn the pinyin pronunciation of Chinese words and phrases (in Mandarin), they will also practice how to write their names in Chinese. Click here to sign up, please specify which Option/day of the week you select.

  • Introduction to tools, supplies, and templates
  • Origins of Chinese writing, famous calligraphers
  • 5 classical fonts in Chinese writing, plus the simplified font
  • Basic makeup as a language: stroke order, radical and components, pronunciation guide, etc.
  • How to write your names in Chinese
  • Write 4-character phrases and poetry
  • Relationship with Calligraphy and Ink Painting

Dates and Time:

Option A : 2nd Tuesdays of every month, at 5:00 – 6:30 pm PST (April 12)

Option B : 2nd Wednesdays of every month, at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PST (April 13)

Start dates: April 12th for Option A, start on April 13th for Option B, students only need to attend one time slot per month.

Class meets once a month for interactive learning. Additionally, weekly assignments will be given; students will watch some videos, use guide sheets and templates to work on calligraphy assignments and submit finished work digitally to receive feedback from instructor.


$150 for six class meetings over a 6 months period, payable every 3 months at the beginning of every month. Students who misses a class date may be able to watch a recording of the class (available for 6 months after the class date)

Note ~ $25 per month x 3 months = $75 is due in April; $25 x 3 = $75 is due in July.

Materials for this class:

Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies, which include 1-2 Chinese calligraphy brushes, Chinese ink, plain calligraphy paper and grid calligraphy paper. A detailed list of suggested items and where to purchase them will be sent to the students once they enroll for class.

Questions or Sign up for this class, please put ‘Calligraphy class’ in your submission box.


One comment on “Calligraphy with Pauline ~

  1. Hi Pauline,

    I’d like to sign up for Tuesday 5-6:30. Sounds great. See u today!!

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