Painting with Pauline 葆鈴畫苑

Welcome to Pauline’s Art Studio, 葆鈴畫苑bǎo  líng  huà  yuàn !

bamboo_by_paulinePauline Tsui shares her Asian heritage and art experience with her audience by presenting Chinese painting and calligraphy workshops and  classes. An artist and instructor in Asian Arts, and a veteran docent at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Pauline is dedicated to promoting Asian culture through interactive learning and hands-on activities.

To invite Pauline for a speaking engagement or sign up for art lessons, email: paulinpodesign@gmail.com

Learn about Pauline’s storybooks and creative products, please visit her website: www.preciouspollabies.com


3 comments on “Painting with Pauline 葆鈴畫苑

  1. Your work distinctly is an exact tradition of works that one mind find on the “Du Hua” read painting scrolls. The lightest touch of the brush, and the dryness of the paper, is a blend in time and philosophy. Should the two ever met, the most descriptive story can be told.
    To me, the energy, better known as the “inner essence” defines this enveloped descriptive story. Though my knowledge of the calligraphy of 4th century Wang Xizhi is material that I have observed in discussion with friends and colleges of design, your works mediates a modern on your equally delicate reflection of fragrance green bamboo.
    I look at the work, and can feel the pressures and bleeding of the brush, in the same manner the heights of how bending bamboo might sway in climatic winds. The dark shadows through filtered light is exactly the expectation of experiencing the cluster of the plant, as it grows into a vertical maze towards the sky. Even that grey sky, of a suggested post storm, nurtures tell tale moisture lending the sharp leaf and durable structure of organic dualism.

    Eastern Chin, Ming, Sung, Tang and Qing dynasties; and not in that order, refined a lesson that we can gain. It could be said that these lesson might capture some of that Qi, a flow of universe, and a develop nature one in those parameters. Qi, pronounced Ch’i, is like a silent and invisible gas that offers that recently discovered astrophysical universal principal better known as “Boson Higgs” elementary particle, when in its neutral state, makes a grid from which all mass is tied, and chains itself to web that produced the everything from galaxies, suns, silver and of course not only actual bamboo but the graphic poetry of it.

    C. Tito Young,
    Design Director
    Studio Rezz Design

  2. […] Pauline teaches families and children how to paint with a Chinese brush. Check out her classes and workshops at: pia33.com […]

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